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The way life should be..But generally isn't.
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So you're an LJ user in maine, and you feel torn.

You want to connect with cool people in the state, to know you're not alone up here, and yet, a lot of lj mainers aren't exactly wowing you.

Are you a Mainer that can see the difference between disagreement and "intolerance"? Do you appreciate such wild concepts as good spelling? Will you survive another day without hearing about protests, MECA and why everyone should just be nice?

Do you believe that intellectual snobbery is a good thing?
Do you have a job, full course load, or otherwise real life?

Welcome home.

If you're in maine, from maine, interested in maine, whatever, hop in. I'm sullen, I started this, but don't really plan on "moderating". If someone joins and insists on acting like an asshole, i imagine they'll get tired of being treated like one pretty quickly.

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